5 Days of Leeds Wizzamataz Fun, Friends and Summer Fabbiness!

West-End Coached to a Wonderful Wizardish Summer Production

For five days at the beginning of the Summer Break, nearly thirty excited students between the ages of 4 and 17 immersed themselves into a mash-up musical called”Wizzamataz.”


A Big Summer Challenge

“The Wizard of Oz”, “The Wiz”, and “Wicked” were scrambled together in one magnificent mash-up of characters, songs and scenes as the International cast (two students had travelled from Spain!) devised scenes, props and costumes. They learnt and rehearsed the singing and dance to eight songs, learning their spoken lines as they journeyed along the “Yellow Brick Street” in search of the Emerald City.

For two days, excited students were coached by West End Performer Andy Gray (We Will Rock You, The Producers, The Wizard Of Oz, White Christmas and many more). Andy gave invaluable tips, hints and advise to students as well as choreographing some big dance scenes.

On Wednesday 3rd August they were joined by Ben and Kerry from made in leeds tv for a very special filmed feature which was broadcast on Friday 5th August on Lowdown Leeds.

On Friday 5th August they gave an awesome performance in front of over 150 members of families and friends, earning a standing ovation as they took their final bows.  We are very proud of all they achieved as a team of friends with one combined goal: FUN & EXCITEMENT!

A superb week – we really can’t wait for Summer School 2017!

Want to learn more about us? CLICK HERE!  http://leeds.razzamataz.co.uk/contact-us/

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